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If this is the "Tailor's Thread," why are so many non-tailors chiming in with their 2 cents? How about we leave the commentary to the professionals?
For wool & cashmere sweaters, I swear by Eucalan. No rinse necessary and maintains the lanolin count. I set my HE front loader to "Delicate" and "Rinse & Spin" and go to town. Lay flat on a towel covered ironing board to dry. No more crunchy dry cleaned sweaters. While I do sort loads into similar colors I still always use those Color Catcher things to prevent disasters.
Low tech but effective - use a toothpick to (carefully) clean out the brogueing and other pockets of trapped polish.
Thank you. I was hoping for an Amsterdam vendor to compare prices/options.
I know this area a bit so this is very helpful.I wanted to buy some Saphir also (Renovateur for dark brown suede). Is it cheaper at Galleries Lafayette or BHV?
Thanks all for the assist. I really appreciate it.
For Sale: Suits - Polo & MTM; Tuxedo [Different Sizes] All prices include shipping to the continental US via USPS First Class Mail. [International shipping is possible for an additional cost which will vary according to destination country and desired shipping method.] Measurements (in inches) are my best conscientious effort with a measuring tape. [chest=pit to pit & doubled; shoulder=seam to seam across back; sleeve=shoulder seam down to end of cuff (+ available...
Oh you cheeky shit. You had me going with that velcro monstrosity.
Ack! That's a blucher. I hope that is not their only upcoming boot offering.
Do you happen to recall the name of the shop(s)?
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