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Sorry to hear. Nevertheless, their customer service remains legendary. I just got a new pair of Cronmoks after sizing issues with a previous pair. Call them up and explain your issue. I am sure they will make it right.
Hello: As all who own them know, AE shoes have the tongues stitched to the upper on one side to prevent them from sliding around after you tie them. This stitching has failed in a pair of mine (a first for me). I checked, and AE will charge $40 to re-do the stitching. This seems pretty steep for maybe six stitches and six seconds of work. Has anyone had this repair done by their local cobbler? What was your experience and how much did it cost? Thanks.
My first trip to London is coming up. I will have about 5 full days to look around. Full disclosure - I don't care about museums, castles, giant ferris wheels, etc and I am low on shekels. I will be staying in the Earls Court district. What shops are recommended - even just to wistfully window gaze? Any sales going on (a la post Xmas)? I am not looking to make any particular purchase so I guess a good gamut of shops would be the order of the day. I would definitely...
I greatly appreciate all the help. A not entirely unrelated question, what is the summer (i.e., June) warm weather typically like - humid or dry? It is already uncomfortably sticky in the DC metro region and I would love a break from it.
Groovy. Thanks.
Thanks again for the tip. In any event, I will report back on what I find in Tallinn.
Thank you very much for the detailed information. I am always looking for new gastronomic experiences when I am abroad.I am guessing that Tallinn will not have much to offer given the dearth of info so far. I wonder if there are any Estonians on the board.
Thank you for the information. I assume these are all in Helsinki?
Greetings, Next month I will be in Tallinn and Helsinki for about 6 days each. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding shops to check out and/or restaurants to try. While I won't have much to spend, what I have will go farther given the current positive $/Euro exchange rate.
Great hat for albino-type Irishmen like myself. What size is it?
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