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It's 20s themed. I know it's spring technically, but its freezing here in sf and I'll be on a boat crusing around the bay outside. My alternative is a navy tweed with ticket pocket. Thx
GO PML anyone? Senator sixties is great too.
My tailor told me the same thing because cotton he said is keeps heat in and all the cottons were from China. Also, in terms of lining, it keeps the material from clinging to you which keeps you cooler and it is possible to see the half lining underneath sometimes, so I ended up with a summer wool suit instead fully lined with a very thin material and it is surprisingly cool. I still like the look of cotton though like in RLBL.
Thanks! I don't really want to have to go to Oakland for a tailor though. Any in Marin? I read up on Oscar and he seems very absent minded; messing up peoples orders and what not. I don't really want to trust a pair of black label pants to him. I'm not paying 60 though for a simple hem anymore though because that is just crazy.
Hi there, I tried Seymours fashions, but they charged me 60 for a simple hem which is just crazy. Can someone please recommend a reasonably priced tailor I can trust with basic alterations like hemming, taking in shirts/polos, pants, etc.? I did search and contacted the places I saw, but they were mostly good for MTM/Bespoke and pricey. THANKS A LOT! Taylor
Thanks whacked! No I wish I got them on gilt. I just picked them up on my honeymoon in NYC at the BB store in soho. The store was great and they fit really well. so I picked them up.
I'm a bit confused then haha. I mean I'm 6'8 so it's hard to find jeans long enough and the diors fit the bill as I even had to have them hemmed. I see people wear raw selvedge on the men's clothing forum all the time with dressier shoes so I'm not exactly sure how anyone pulls this off. I mean wouldn't tucking in a dress shirt and wearing a sports jacket also be a no no as the color would obviously rub off on them as well? Wingtips are more casual in my book so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked That's a myth. The only reason people would want to delay the first (and only the first) wash as long as possible is to maximize contrast fading; but it has been proven that high quality denim like Sugar Canes, Samurai etc. fades very well even with weekly washing. A lot of people gained first experience with better denim through APC and Nudie, both of which are designed to only fade if one delays washing; hence the...
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