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or he's fondling robin's balls. who knows?
fuck. friend of mine who moved here from virginia few years back has been flying back and forth for the past few months because his dad was ran over while crossing the street by a lady who was driving while using her phone, and they had to cut a leg off and he's been getting rehab. and during rehab they found out his mom was having aches in her body and they had her checked and found out she had stage IV cancer. plus a 20-something year old nephew of his was found dead...
I thought kris jenner was more up conne's alley?
I've seen a lot of pretty women of middle azn heritage and I'd love to go to down chutney town too.
back in my early teenage days I was caught engaging in "activities" too
girl better know how to go next level nasty to take her husband's mind away from those jezebels in swimsuits!
all these booze talk.... .... its 4:45pm right now where I am. in 15 minutes I'll be driving back home. but before I drive up the driveway I will be passing by the rooftop bar where I go every friday just outside my house where I will sit with a few beers and a smoke and just look blankly at the city and the smog and the rain. and I like doing that.
I really don't get why that was supposed to be funny. because jennifrrr yopez started talking ghetto?
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