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^ apparently it does satisfy some thirst for vintage, that post of yours.
few years ago, for reasons that I forgot, I had to sleep on the floor for a couple of nights. downsides are its damn cold and it hurts if you're a "toss and turn" kind of sleeper. upside was my back hasn't felt better than that before. (I sleep on a bed now, fyi, with memory foam)
I'm waiting if someone from sf's gonna be featured in 'humans of new york"... maybe
I'm sooo excited for both of us, honey!
I don't know about you guys but was I pissed when they didn't cast Matt Salinger in the new captain america movies and got that dude that played 'jake wyler' in "not another teen movie" instead. very pissed!
but was it worth it, being a famous buttock model but having to go through all those ass firming/tightening procedures (specially after his art film/ghey porn phase)?
I don't blame the poor soul. imagine that sexy li'l thang walking in front of you, probably in a shirt and undies, alabaster skin....
was it still connected to the body or was it already removed?
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