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what we usually do is bring an old gsm phone and purchase a prepaid phone card when we get to the city.
I don't like my non-drinking friends that much.
been under the weather since the week started, yesterday I finally said screw it and went out drinking late in the afternoon with a friend. now I don't feel sick anymore.
we finally got hbo go here, and I set it up in my tablet last week and first thing I wanted to do was watch GoT, which I haven't watched, and that stupid app can't seem to play the pilot episode.
don't make him wear band shirts from rob zombie, testament and lamb of god.
ouch... yeah as much as we joke about drinking/getting sloshed it really is a terrible problem, being an alcoholic. jeesh....
I'm lovin' it!! you finally made your move, and I'm happy for you.jeesh this came on in cable the other night and I was watching it the premise of the hitman (marky mark) being a very nice guy who happened to be an assassin and who made it a mission to return the vhs tape he rented in a 'blockbuster video' clone is so outdated no one below 35 would probably understand this film [[SPOILER]]
so doing an ultimate warrior style monologue would gain them lez' respect eh? good to know..sad to hear... what exactly caused her death?+++my employer's back from a trip and its like a dark cloud over here at work.
#she is #annoyingasfuck
^ you should try coming over
New Posts  All Forums: