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so today in facebook I learned that there's a word called "mompreneur"and its used mostly by stay-at-home moms (nothing wrong with that) who sells stuff like slings and shit like that and they like to point out that they are MOTHERS and CAREER WOMEN at the same time so fuck you all.
is durian cake another term for thai ladyboy?
maybe he's a hand model?
ugh. promised the acidkids we're gonna watch 'how to train your dragon' this weekend. checked cinemas here and they removed it save for cinemas in malls for losers. are they gonna be pissed when I tell them later.....
stinky isn't half of it. it tastes like it's rotting, the smell permeates your clothes.... I tried it once and had to huck it out. and never put one in your car, it's gonna smell like you have a dead body in the trunk after a while.
fucking hell!so a good friend of mine [[SPOILER]] had to go back to virginia last month because his mom died, and they're selling his dad's house and move him to an assisted apartment or something.... well that house burned last night and his dad died from severe burns. he tried to save his dad but he just can't. I chatted with my friend a while back....but things like this you just don't know what to say.
would it hurt if you fix the pics you posted?
what we usually do is bring an old gsm phone and purchase a prepaid phone card when we get to the city.
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