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I've been one my whole life and I don't see a problem there.what jeans are these?yes, I was also hysterical when he sent his dicktures to me. really hilarious.
this. why would you do this. (nsfw)
^ welcome back kunk. yeah, I'm probably talking from my ass but from all those stories about wrestlers starting out, trying to make a name in the indy scene, performing in some high school gym for a few dollars- that's a shitty way to do what you love and I have a ton of respect for them.
I met this guy through mutual friends and he joins us in the trails once in a while and he's a nice guy and all but when he posts its full of shit cry-for-attention crap like theseand writes shit like these:dude, when did you lose your pair?
that's a nice looking bow and arrow set
haven't bought any new clothes this year (except for some bike shorts) but I just got a few casual shirts from a new tailor I'm using and a few more shirts from a Japanese brand I do business with and now I'm ready to rock in them, I just need a social life and I'm all set.
I had a high school friend who tried this once. I didn't bother to ask if he swallowed or spit.
yup sandow's amazing... to bad he got stuck in that stupid scholar gimmick and now he's being pushed further down the comic relief path, where santino marella lives.
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