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oooh to explain that to the casual comic book movie fan would be
of course! marilyn is well known as the smart woman who said all those quotes that all women must live by.
awww.... it seemed like it was just yesterday when they were still rocking diagonal striped shirts, 7fam jeans and kenneth cole shoes... my how they've grown!
so is that TV flash dude and TV green arrow gonna be in DC movie world?
I just love how they have to have a special term for what they do, because- you know- they are god's gift to mankind.... and, at least in my page, they're the type that puts memes and quotes of the "if you can't accept the worst of me then you don't deserve the best of me" kind.
well then, happy munching!
so today in facebook I learned that there's a word called "mompreneur"and its used mostly by stay-at-home moms (nothing wrong with that) who sells stuff like slings and shit like that and they like to point out that they are MOTHERS and CAREER WOMEN at the same time so fuck you all.
is durian cake another term for thai ladyboy?
maybe he's a hand model?
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