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girl better know how to go next level nasty to take her husband's mind away from those jezebels in swimsuits!
all these booze talk.... .... its 4:45pm right now where I am. in 15 minutes I'll be driving back home. but before I drive up the driveway I will be passing by the rooftop bar where I go every friday just outside my house where I will sit with a few beers and a smoke and just look blankly at the city and the smog and the rain. and I like doing that.
I really don't get why that was supposed to be funny. because jennifrrr yopez started talking ghetto?
can you tell him to pray for me so my raging sexuality can finally be cured?
sorry to heardude +++++++++was just about to say what pisses me off is summer is over here and its starting to rain like crap everyday and tomorrow is a holiday and I plan to bike but the trails will be shitty, and the only consolation for me if I won't bike tomorrow is to go out drinking lotsa beer tonight but I have to stay home in account of the acidwife has dinner and I'm taking care of the acidkids- but then again y'all got it bad.
feck off! I drink teh lovely yummy beerz to get rid of the annoying migraine headache!
I can only speak from my experience. I had an otr jacket and I had the waist taken in and I'm satisfied with their job.
hampton(?) in edsa shangri-la hotel.
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