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I've never was into guns, and I own a couple that I haven't even fired. just not my thing... I do wanna put them in some martial arts or krav maga lessons because I think that would be pretty useful. only problem is they don't think fairies and princesses do shit like that.I miss teh horchata... I should make my own.
I have an fb friend who's some rich guy turning near 50 and is heavily into bodybuilding and does competition and posts pics of him in those bb poses all tanned and in tight tights..
QS looks like there's gonna be major editing later for him. and scarlet witch...
it boggles the mind that most women I know haven't realized this with their SO's and still believe one is business phone one is personal life phone. women....
I'm pissed because there's this dude that I wanna be friends with and he seems to be irritated by my presence. hopefully he would understand that I'm really a swell guy before I'm forced to follow him home and murder his pets.
more like wrong family members.
a well prepared goat in stew form is pretty good.wait... are you talking about goats like the animal, or like a half cuban green frog?
acidkid no.1 stopped pestering me about taking archery lessons for summer (its summer here). apparently archery's getting popular these days and her friends are taking it. good thing she lost interest in it else I have to buy equipment and shit that she'll probably won't use after she gets tired of it.
pretty much everything sucks lately and need to cut people off my personal life (not sf people). adulthood blows sometimes.
hey man, I got the major squirts after I ate that cave aged oyster and cultured uni in this japanese-french-balinese-ugandan fusion restaurant. and I even paid an extra 20 for the truffle oil.don't. tell. me. that. is. not. true.
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