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sorry your request is invalid. here are suggestions on getting your account deleted: - make a sock puppet - post pictures of your penis - call one of the moderators a term that means "someone who inserts penis in his mouth" - go into an argument with an IC member - sell vintage inkjet print ties
I needed to use bug spray on my office, I've been bitten by mosquitoes couple of times. I planned to do it Monday before I leave work but I forgot to do it. Its now saturday morning and I kept forgetting it the whole week.
I've been one my whole life and I don't see a problem there.what jeans are these?yes, I was also hysterical when he sent his dicktures to me. really hilarious.
this. why would you do this. (nsfw)
^ welcome back kunk. yeah, I'm probably talking from my ass but from all those stories about wrestlers starting out, trying to make a name in the indy scene, performing in some high school gym for a few dollars- that's a shitty way to do what you love and I have a ton of respect for them.
I met this guy through mutual friends and he joins us in the trails once in a while and he's a nice guy and all but when he posts its full of shit cry-for-attention crap like theseand writes shit like these:dude, when did you lose your pair?
that's a nice looking bow and arrow set
haven't bought any new clothes this year (except for some bike shorts) but I just got a few casual shirts from a new tailor I'm using and a few more shirts from a Japanese brand I do business with and now I'm ready to rock in them, I just need a social life and I'm all set.
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