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that dude's checking that pussy's ass.
an amazing movie that teaches you that if you have a kid that's "different' you lock them up and throw away the keys never to see the outside world and forbid even other family members to see her, and hopefully she can control or live with what pains her when you're long dead.
sometimes acidkid no. 1 and I just listen to random songs on spotify or youtube. sometime last week we were discussing/listening to 90s pop music and I made her watch the video of 'wannabe' by the spice girls. saturday she told me she wants to listen to that song again. and now that fucking song keeps playing in my head. slam you body down and zigazig ah!
no, you guys are talking bout the guy that does my lawn.
you disgust me... do you have a confederate flag tattoo?
good job.if that happens to me I expect you do a mouth to mouth
how's kabbaz doing? and cruiser?
I needed to use bug spray on my office, I've been bitten by mosquitoes couple of times. I planned to do it Monday before I leave work but I forgot to do it. Its now saturday morning and I kept forgetting it the whole week.
I've been one my whole life and I don't see a problem there.what jeans are these?yes, I was also hysterical when he sent his dicktures to me. really hilarious.
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