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but what about.... n/m
stupid kids ruining your lawn.... these are the times that hitting someone without thinking seems like a justifiable idea.
sorry to hear that meng... hope you find your bike soon!
was bout to say conne is, but then you said "dude"
aj lee looks hotter this time around
hmmmm..... could it be because she's kinda thinking you're very clingy? anyways, you gotta get professional help, meng... this ain't no way to live.
it ain't a crack at his penor length, that's for sure
meh. Biscotti can do better than that, even when he's sober. [[SPOILER]]
y'all shut yer mouths! while you go on with your preaching this guy keeps on killing. that was one of the 4 still out there he killed!
this pisses me off. last year an employee passed away after being comatose for a few weeks because the tumor in her brain spread. health care in the 3rd world is shit, and people here have to pay their way for otherwise expensive treatments. in my employee's case, she quietly opted not to seek treatment because paying for it would wipe her savings out and she had dependents. and she didn't even seek medical leave and worked until the day she can't work anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: