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balderdash! there are 23,000,000 people in australia who believes (sort of) that lucien "luc" longley is the greatest basketball player that adorned the red uniform.
this is a good thread, and I wish I picked these up before I married that old hag. could you post more vids since I am not that good in english? thanks sly.
but what about.... n/m
stupid kids ruining your lawn.... these are the times that hitting someone without thinking seems like a justifiable idea.
sorry to hear that meng... hope you find your bike soon!
was bout to say conne is, but then you said "dude"
aj lee looks hotter this time around
hmmmm..... could it be because she's kinda thinking you're very clingy? anyways, you gotta get professional help, meng... this ain't no way to live.
it ain't a crack at his penor length, that's for sure
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