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and RIP, ultimate warrior
my babies have accepted the fact that the beer in the ref is for dada and the wine is for mama.
went out for beer last night, got home at 10:30 and watched wrestlemania on tv. no, undertaker losing didn't piss me off. what pissed me off is watching this thing till it ended well past 1:30 in the morning.
yes I think they could do better casting a different raccoon. that one can't act even if his life depends on it.
congratulations, G family (Mr. G, Mrs. G, and lowercase Gs)on a related note: acidwife finally accepted that she must be the carrier of future acidkid #3. tryouts in may of this year.I don't think three of you can fit in the room I saved in the new house. better get rid of one of them.
wasn't informed that there was work over the weekend, and got a text that I was supposed to show up. fuck you.
as with people who don't have anything of substance to say start their sentence with "well, basically...."
this is what I kinda had in mind... and this I see this a lot here. and its usually the small pudgy middle aged azn guy with the faux-hawk or a bad hair bleach or a bieber hair or all of the above, in their exotic cars while wearing jorts or baggy jeans, onitsuka tiger kicks and AP ROO watches. I do carry a filson bag when its absolutely necessary to carry a bag around- and its usually because I'm going out with the kids and I need a bag to put their water and...
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