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actually, the honor goes to west's mom, and majority of the sf members circa 08
It is pricey as fuck. Just booked my sister and her husband a vacation there. Pretty nice place though. Well then, guess I'd be seeing you in v land then.
oh hai there. how's everyone been? matt, will you be visiting my shores again anytime soon?
Ring Jackets are
what's the guy's name?
wheelchairs were used right? that would be my guess too
jeesh I take some time of and come back and all I see are rumps and keisters
in the 80s version, there was this episode where the girl was locked inside a mall for the night and the mannequins started moving and apparently she is a mannequin and they take turns in becoming human is a creepy fucking episode.
even if it the suit was OTR it's horrendous. and I don't know who that gentleman is, but if you're a style blogger worth your salt you don't put up pictures like that. and if I was a good tailor I wouldn't let pictures of that float around when you google my business name- just sayin'
^ I knew that tailor. he seems like a nice gentelman. yes he did alterations for brioni waaaay back in the 90s. I've also seen his work up close but I chose not to have anything made by him. which, judging from the pics of his work, was a good idea.
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