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I don't wear barongs but if I do I'd take a look at Silk Cocoon. most of what they display are garish but they do have nice fabrics.
you know what? bottom line is, if you're looking for Hong Kong level tailors in Manila (and I'm not talking about WW Chan or Ah Man) then good luck. I would even dare say that the Indian tailor/tourist traps in Nathan Road would do better, and at least the fabric used isn't some polyester piece of crap that won't even be used for a hazmat suit. for the money you throw away finding a good "suit maker" here, and if you're living in this country I would just as soon get...
neo agrees, and he's not just talkin' bout them girls.
well... the old episode where that bald dude in bizarre foods and bourdain went here, they went around my old neighborhood....
coke and whores. coke and whores.
only IC members can talk shit to, and about, edina. special flowers don't have that right.
happy Matt and spb girl have gotten engaged. at least there's one good thing that came out of this forum.
gained 10 pounds since the start of december. ah, alcohol, what have you done to me?
yeah, do miss everyone in forvm-land. work's been hectic, to say the least.I do like the costumes you made for the li'l princesses. the acidkids loved it too!
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