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that you did. thank you Gus!
I gotta stop this habit of downing 5-6 beers late sunday mornings after my bike ride. it's not helping!
I see you're still the bubbly teenage girl since the last time I was here.
I think you missed taking pics of ab-fits, specially that cute lady Sam
whats with the god complex?
asses and mouths.
sir, having studied klingon when I was of younger age. with my math club friends. during weekends. in our basement. wearing costumes... I have to take exception to it being a made-up fictional language.
its 95 degrees out today. and I'm not wearing uniqlo airism u/w which is what I wear during hot days and now my crotch feels like the inside of a cab in new delhi
LOL... "hidden savile row in PH"....
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