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only IC members can talk shit to, and about, edina. special flowers don't have that right.
happy Matt and spb girl have gotten engaged. at least there's one good thing that came out of this forum.
gained 10 pounds since the start of december. ah, alcohol, what have you done to me?
yeah, do miss everyone in forvm-land. work's been hectic, to say the least.I do like the costumes you made for the li'l princesses. the acidkids loved it too!
actually, the honor goes to west's mom, and majority of the sf members circa 08
It is pricey as fuck. Just booked my sister and her husband a vacation there. Pretty nice place though. Well then, guess I'd be seeing you in v land then.
oh hai there. how's everyone been? matt, will you be visiting my shores again anytime soon?
Ring Jackets are
what's the guy's name?
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