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googling "asa akira hole" does disturb the people beside me at work.
not party, but I do get wasted on weeknights, and stay sober and try to sleep early on the weekdays. being hungover at work is far better than being hungover at home with the kids wanting to do stuff with you and the wife giving you the evil eye....
you fool. Balzac is not french for "ball sac"
2 hours and 45 minutes and its the weekend for me! [[SPOILER]]
she confuses me. sometimes she'sandbut sometimes she'sand
its edina's birthday and it pisses me off
I remember a most memorable team whose name is also inspired by the same animal but was based in southern california, particulalry the los angeles area. is that team a spin off of that very successful franchise?
she seems fun
I can safely say I've never put a salad bowl on my head ever.
hmmm... he told me he was hiding out in the tub because you were snoring like hell. who's telling the truth???!!!!like a scene in 'pretty woman'
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