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Either my neck has gotten bigger from serious workouts, or the collars on some of my brooks brothers MTM shirts have shrunk some over the past couple of years, and now some of the older shirts (hence why I think the shirts shrunk, as the newer shirts still fit fine and I don't think they made the neck larger last time around) are about half an inch to an inch too snug. If I have the collars replaced, in the event i do need an inch more room in my neck, is that possible to...
Partial bump, and also a real point. The campaign ends in 3 days. I just found out about this today after I picked up a Klaxon Howl x Palmer Trading Co. chambray shirt over the weekend. I really liked the fit and the make. I'm tall, and often have trouble with sleeve length in many traditional slim-workwear/heritage inspired brands, but the sleeeves were nice without having to deal with way too much room in the waste or neck as it typical when I size up. Shirt looks...
Best sale I've been to in NYC since the crash, easily. Because I needed even more boring blue ties . . . Repp stripes and silk print.
The three piece that the MI6 psychologist who analyzed Bond wore was very nice too.
Are you suggesting Signore Corbera was the influence for one Mr. Ellis?
A.P.C. Polo RL RRL Raw Slim Strait
Yes they take your measurements in the store just like any MTM shirtmaker does. I'll work on the pictures. I'm not sure if every Brooks Brothers store has a MTM specialist, but the big stores provide full MTM service for shirts and tailored clothing. I believe posters have discussed the gentleman at the Madison Ave store who runs their MTM department. I also learned that Brooks Brothers even has a custom tie program. The shirts are made in South Carolina.
The solid white is a cotton royal oxford, the blue with white stripe third from the left is a cotton end on end. I'm not sure about the other two, I think they're just basic super 100s cotton or something like that. Something pretty standard. They're from the Brooks Brothers shirting books, not the Thomas Mason books.These all ranged in price from between 175 and 225 I think, but I always take advantage of the MTM event trunk shows, which I believe this fall was a 40...
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