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all RLPL or just shoes?
hot, thanks!
any codes!!! ???
black square-toe hush puppies
on purchases >= $75
^ thanks
hmm i'd thought that yoox operates from europe, and their goods came from europe. Quote: Originally Posted by btinl Why would you get hit with customs fees?
Also do you guys get hit by customs fees on Yoox deliveries?
how do they fit? i have slightly wide feet Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver Ralph Lauren Bucks are $75.00
whoah obama? i kid cool story Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt I can speak to a wonderful CS experience I had with them. I was in a store with my fiencee buying her something. There was a bit of an issue that I'll spare the details of. I sent an email to customer service explaining. A few days later I received a call from a company rep. They apologized profusely and were super friendly...a few days later I received a letter. Turns out the...
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