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i pmed the winner
need to leave work early. the contest will end at 6 pm PST. so keep em coming!
by the time tomorrow winds around, everyone else might have already picked out things in your size Quote: Originally Posted by dragonz Why doesn't everyone just wait till tonight when they could use the code MAY1418?
Today is the last day for RL presales. I have one online presales code that I am not going to use. I'm thought there was a bit of a demand for codes around here but this time I'm not going to give the code to the first guy who pms. I would like anyone interested in a code to post in this thread a funny/witty anecdote. It can be about anything or nothing at all. I'll choose a winner before the end of the work day, 6 PST. have fun!
I got this pair of Incotex from EL72 but they are a little tight for me. Selling them for what I paid. Asking $old thanks SF
Tuesday drop
it's samuelsohn?
good deal
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