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Thanks, Michael for the taupe striped, did you mean this http://www.michaeljkrell.com/bd8.html ? Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell They are slim and no, they won't be going on sale. The taupe stripe oxfords will be going on sale though.
are these slim and will they be on sale? http://www.michaeljkrell.com/bd9.html
added chest measurement
where are they made? i usually wear size 7.5 US, is size 39 a fit for that?
hope i get on the list!
Almost forgot to add, the measurements are: shoulders: 18.5 length (bottom of collar, back of jacket) 29.5 waist 19 chest 20.75
wished i lived in NY
Thanks for the kind words folks! I bought this jacket because of Antirabbit's high praise. Next time I would get another in a smaller size.
I wish it fit my body better. I'm offering a great jacket made by one of the Firm Forum Favorites, Caruso - made for Adriano and Sons. $SOLD + shipping 38R 3 button 2 vents gorgeous soft tweed hacking pockets soft shoulders 7 drop prominent hand stitching half lined, perfect for spring!
bumping for more suggestions
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