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on purchases >= $75
^ thanks
hmm i'd thought that yoox operates from europe, and their goods came from europe. Quote: Originally Posted by btinl Why would you get hit with customs fees?
Also do you guys get hit by customs fees on Yoox deliveries?
how do they fit? i have slightly wide feet Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver Ralph Lauren Bucks are $75.00
whoah obama? i kid cool story Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt I can speak to a wonderful CS experience I had with them. I was in a store with my fiencee buying her something. There was a bit of an issue that I'll spare the details of. I sent an email to customer service explaining. A few days later I received a call from a company rep. They apologized profusely and were super friendly...a few days later I received a letter. Turns out the...
i like their shirts and knits.
SF stinks
Ecco sailor shoes have thick rubber soles and are great to walk in
May I have her number? I suddenly have formed a project in mind. Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I forgot to mention that Andrea Nixon, of Steed (my tailor, Edwin DeBoise's shop, for those who don't know) was third in this competition, the Golden Shears Award, and also received the Rising Star Award. Here she is, third from the left... ...quite obviously. - B
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