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Sweet job
Slim black bridle leather, with soft london tan signature Calf skin interior. From Ettinger - Make a lasting impression when you take out your business cards from this stylish visiting card case. The gussetted pocket allows you to hold a good number of cards and the extra slip pockets can be used to elegantly hold the business cards you receive. This versatile leather accessory can also be used as a mini wallet, useful when you only need a few cards and some notes; ideal...
Does carmina or skoak accept mto returns?
Did u guys on west coast who preordered from taco receive shoes mailed from NY store? I'm still waiting from mine and taco hasn't responded my emails.
Any US online retailers carry women's Carminas?
Good to know. Are all their shoes made that way? Most retailers on Rakuten and Unipair market Jalans as GYW shoes.
Jalans are good value. But aren't they Good year welted, and not hand welted?
Thx Bengal-s Dropped by SAB and they ran out of bridle leather bi-folds.
Gonna be here until Saturday. Any sales this time of the year? Looking to get small leather goods and accessories.
Are purple label dress shirts on sale?
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