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Pricing is an Art as well as Science. If the market cannot bear the cost, St.C would have to lower its price to extract maximum profit. It doesn't matter to St.C what you, the individual consumer think what a fair price is, St. C cares about what the market thinks. And the levers to change what the market thinks are Product quality, features, Pricing, and Marketing activities(advertising, blogs, videos, roadshows).
I always have a nightcap before going to bed.
Looking back, if I were wiser, I would pay more up front and get done with it.
Blew nearly two Benjamins on Jcrew basics. Loving this sale.
I owned 2 cable knit cashmere sweaters and they pilled after every wear. My Cucinelli cashmere and Colombo sweaters on the other hand never pilled.
Good price
Was in SoCal and missed this sale
Fox umbrella for under $70 at SF Bloomingdales.
Is Rezs┼Ĺ turning away direct orders from US now?
thx for the heads up
New Posts  All Forums: