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Want a purple label dress shirt ... Will that be on sale?
Cordovan leather is a rare commodity and some colors are even less readily available. I advise that you wait for the color you want if you must have cordovan, or buy calf if you can't wait.
I bought a pair of Jalan pennies from you guys back in December. The wife also bought a pair of shoes. Best of luck in your expansion!
Just got a letter that the RL Crocker location is closing doors March 17. Gonna miss this place.
I am visiting Europe in a few weeks. Are there any Vass retailers in London, Paris or Luxembourg?
Brooks Brothers Peals 7.5D Brown Made in UK. Low starting price of $0.99 http://www.ebay.com/itm/200903008462
Gently Used Filson bomber, designed to last. Great for School and Field Made in USA Size XS Filson outerwear fits large, so this would fit a person who wears a 36S to 38S jacket. Warm 24-oz. Filson Yukon wool. Smooth Whipcord wool lines the inner and under collar. Fully lined with cotton. Sleeves are lined with smooth taffeta. Heavy rib-knit cuffs and hem. Generous cargo pockets with 2 finger with 2 finger snap closures. hand warmer pockets behind lower pockets. Two...
Looks great. But may be a pain to maintain. how can you clean the fabric when it's soiled? Need extra care when polishing the leather too
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