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thank you sirs
A pair of new shoes has a gash on the toe from manufacturing. Will the cut grow bigger over time after normal wear?
Wish you'll stock size 39.5 vass shoes
Thx DW
Is it possible/easy to change a boot that has 6 speed hooks to 6 eyelets? Anyone converted them before?
Got some staples- slub tees in black and also a gray WB shetland sweater that is super!
How did I miss this!
No it didn't
Pricing is an Art as well as Science. If the market cannot bear the cost, St.C would have to lower its price to extract maximum profit. It doesn't matter to St.C what you, the individual consumer think what a fair price is, St. C cares about what the market thinks. And the levers to change what the market thinks are Product quality, features, Pricing, and Marketing activities(advertising, blogs, videos, roadshows).
I always have a nightcap before going to bed.
New Posts  All Forums: