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Thinking of getting a pair of rubber sole in pebble grain for use in torrential rain. Would a Vass shoe on a Commando sole be as waterproof as a shoe on a Commando sole made using veldtschoen construction?
For someone who takes the Allen Edmund last 5 in 7.5D. Which size would you suggest for the Herring 175 or 4436 lasts?
not on a vass. i had it on a ferragamo and the squeaking never went away.
Adding a traditional shoe to my collection.
could be 3636 last. do you have a top down view picture?
Which Enzo Bonafe last and size is similar to Alden Barrie 7D?
did you wear your wife's ring on your pinkie?
Not available anymore
how does buday leather upper quality, build and finish compare with vass?
that's a Vass boot
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