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Alden x Jcrew boots 3 months wear
has anyone sent their Vass back to Budapest for a resole? How much did it cost and how long did it take?
why the fuck would you wear shoes that mutilate your feet?
is it me, but do your Vass shoe boxes smell a bit funky?
did you just drop $20k at a shoe shop? congrats!
These boots were not sold to me as seconds. After reading your reply, I've decided to send it back for a remake.
Selling because it is now too slim. Gently used, flat front, button fly, slim trousers. Fabric is a medium heavy weight, gray, Bird's eye pattern. Features two side pockets, two back pockets and a front coin pocket. Made in Italy by Mabitex. Measurements- Trouser opening 7.5 inches Inseam 30 inches (2.25 inches left) Waist 16 inches Rise 10 inches
thank you sirs
A pair of new shoes has a gash on the toe from manufacturing. Will the cut grow bigger over time after normal wear?
Wish you'll stock size 39.5 vass shoes
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