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try uniqlo
Halfeti by Penhaligon
Will there be any Japanese shoemakers visiting San Francisco this year?
This is a pair of NEW in box, first quality, luxurious, John Lobb City II English oxfords. Slightly chiseled and round shape on this pair of wardrobe staple shoes makes them extreme versatile. They will go well in dark denim jeans or slacks at work or in a more casual environment. shoe bags and box are included. trees not included Size is 6.5 UK or 7.5 US regular width. Open to reasonable offers. Add $150 more for trees.
Thanks they are City II oxfords from Nick. First quality shoes and trees at a great price.
Got shipping confirmation from Nick for a pair of brown city ii oxfords. Can't wait.
with EG prices edging past the $1k mark, I'm looking to look at St Crispins. Which retailers periodically offer sales on St Crispins?
I was hoping to resole commando soles instead of double leather. But Alden Restoration seems to be only willing to resole double leather soles with double leather soles. Who can do a similar Alden commando sole?
Sotd is penhaligin's halfeti, didn't like it initially but the it smells a lot better after a couple of hours on the skin.
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