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I am in the market for a dundee as well but this has changed my mind. 
In early June, I will be visiting Helsinki for 3 days with the wife. Besides the touristy stuff, what else should we check out? Restaurants, cultural, off the beaten track ideas appreciated.
Two year old Vass Budapester.
Gents- Where's the best place to buy Westons in Paris or Stockholm early June?
Captoe perforated bands are crooked.
Alfred Sargent for BB goodyear welted.
I wore a pair of old suede shoes on a dainite soles in the rain. Pretty soon I felt sone dampness in the left shoe. Why is there leakage? Is it time to resole?
sorry to have missed the old price, was going in on an oxford EG
Good construction comparison candidates to EB are Hungarian shoe makers such as Vass and Buday. Both these brands are hand made and hand welted like EB.
Did you buy from m his eBay store ?
New Posts  All Forums: