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Did Norse store previously participate in Black Friday promotions ?
NO, LVC and Made and Crafter were take off the site!
any notable departmental Brick and mortar stores deals on black friday?
MrPorter is based in the UK, which at this time is also in the EU
Comparing retailers for the same BBJ jacket$729 on matches;104033;6167$820 on MP$100 (13%) more on MP
MrPorter's MSRP is marked way up...
The collar of my everlane tshirt stretched out and lost its shape after a few wears. Don't recommend.
Barbara from Spirit of Shetland retired not long ago unfortunately. Anyone who knows a good source of made to measure hand knit shetlands?
Why is a Chelsea boot structurally unsound? Established English firms make them, so do the bespoke Japanese makers such as TYE.
i asked the same question a couple of weeks ago. They don't make chelsea boots unfortunately.
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