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Thanks they are City II oxfords from Nick. First quality shoes and trees at a great price.
Got shipping confirmation from Nick for a pair of brown city ii oxfords. Can't wait.
with EG prices edging past the $1k mark, I'm looking to look at St Crispins. Which retailers periodically offer sales on St Crispins?
I was hoping to resole commando soles instead of double leather. But Alden Restoration seems to be only willing to resole double leather soles with double leather soles. Who can do a similar Alden commando sole?
Sotd is penhaligin's halfeti, didn't like it initially but the it smells a lot better after a couple of hours on the skin.
IM vest looks great!
Speaking of cordovan care. Tried using Bick 4 on some dry looking cordovan uppers and results were better than Saphir cordovan cream.
For tax purposes, will the vendor or the charity provide a donation receipt?
interested in fair isle sweaters in M
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