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Regarding White's lasts, is the consensus to go with the same size as Alden Barrie?
tore out a speed hook and the leather upper while lacing up the boot. Can this be fixed ?
According to articles on the internet, the polo coat has its origins in Britain and then became popular across the pond. Unfortunately it's not a belted coat, but rather a loose fitting garment contrasted with strong lapels that can look elegant buttoned or unbuttoned.More from the Bruce Boyer article:
Any chance of making a camel color polo coat ?
if it's too good to be true, it's probably a scam.
Got the Bourton and Stow online in a half size down my normal U.K size. Bourton felt volumous and Stow was cutting in my instep. I want to replace the Stow should I go up in width or half a size up?
Believe that it is only available from one of the Aussie resellers in the first thread. Suggest U reaching out to them.
exactly, glad to hear i wasn't the only one
Thank you for offering, looking forward to the write up.
The iconic RM Williams whole cut chelsea boots is a product that I've been following for years. Due to the relative scarcity of resellers in San Francisco I've not had a chance to try them out, find my sizing and make a purchase. Fortunes turned in the last couple of months, US online stockists such as Mr Porter and Unionmade started carrying some RM Williams products and I've had a chance to try out some products that helped me with sizing. RM Williams has a wide...
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