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bicycles books guitar or any other instrument writing
nothing beats a ronson jetlite. less than 5 bucks at CVS, more reliable than other butane torches 100x more expensive, refillable, and classy. i carry mine everywhere.
back right pocket, unless i am wearing a suit in which case it goes in the inside breast pocket
-i can leave work at 230 -i'm leaving for maine in 3 days -i'm leaving for israel in 19 days -i have a new watch
-get a morning job -ride yer bike -watch the sunrise on coney island, the warriors style
being stuck in an internship position with nothing to do and no moneyz dayumn
i can't think of a witty sarcastic thing to say here, so i guess i'll just say "yep"
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Great cigar weekend at the lake: Punch Gran Puro x 2 Montecristo # 2 CC & NC PAM Perdomo Lot 23 x 2 RP 1990 RP Connecticut Ashton Prime Minister Ashton VSG and some Nubs. VSG's are terrific, terrific smokes
what a great thread. tonight i plan on having a La Aurora 1495 Series robusto, connecticut wrapper. it's been sitting in my humi for a bit over a month now, definitely looking forward to it.
brand new tan suede eddie bauer chukka boots brand new chambray buttondown by converse, of all brands total: 7.50 whoohoo
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