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I never paid any taxes on products shipped from Lewin. Candians should stop asking such questiosn on different forums because sooner or later the customs will know about it!
I love your reply. It is funny to note that paradox of from one side people wanting to be americanized in their way of dressing and from the other, americans now considering neapolitan tailoring as the best in the world. I do not feel that consciousness is the drive for work in our western societies. It is greed. Final lesson, "be yourself no matter what they say". This applies also to dress.
black captoe brown full brogue brown suede
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley I'm looking for a mid-gray pick & pick (not dark or charcoal gray) in about 11oz. I've seen the Minnis Crown Classic and Lesser 11oz. versions and am unenthused. Any other suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks. Did you these clothes in person? Unfortunately, the pictures on their Website are awful. I have 2 suits made in The Crown Classic. It is an amazing and exceptional quality.
Any RM Williams and a beach!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster I don't think this is true. Where did you read this? Fluseser, Dressing the man. Look at some of the book pictures. And remember well, in this case we are talking about two different patterns (check + stripes) not (stripes and stripes).
You are using a small check (gingham) with big stripes. This is not very successful. With 2 different patterns, the scale should be the same, which means the width for the check and the distance betwwen the stripes should be equals. Voila.
Quote: Originally Posted by Filipe Hi everyone. I found this pair of shoes at a local thrift shop and would like to know your opinion regarding their quality. They seem to be in decent condition but the price is $50. Is this too much? Thank you. I'm sorry for posting the links like this, but I don't know why the forum cuts the name of some urls. Edit: I've decided to attach the pictures. Filipe, Go one the website of pediwear. They...
Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME Was thinking this very thing... As to the OP, I like a slightly shorter jacket than most, but wouldn't advise going any shorter on that one. EZ I don't understand your reaction (yours and teddieriley's). This is a person asking for advice. It not pretentious at all to answer him. I thought we were here to learn and share our experiences.
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