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Canadian Club Manhattan
Perfect Martini
Its her birthday today. I remembered she wanted a new watch, so I got her a Baby G. Before going over, I bought a small cake, a small chocolate cake. I felt weird knowing that after spending so much our relationship could end today. I went to her place with gift and cake in hand. She pretended not to notice, instead blocking me from entering until I gave her a satisfactory kiss. She knew I was coming but when I walked in she had her futon out. She suddenly felt sleepy and...
Pondering whether to give back a double sided belt from Takeo Kikuchi I got for my birthday from my gf. The belt is bit short for my waist. I felt bad taking it considering I wanted to breakup with her for a while now. No, I won't give or sell it on here either. Advice please.
I feel like I missed my window of breakup opportunity.
Makers Mark Mint Julep
Speaking of tennis, didn't the tennis federation prohibit excessive grunting players making when hitting the ball? Or did they try to prohibit but failed? I thought it was only women that grunted loud when hitting the ball but it seems even the men do it too.
Fucking typhoon
Didn't one of the phone companies offer a service that allows the user to arrange a phone call to his or her cellphone at a preset time? I think the examples I read was to have the phone ring during a date and fake an emergency as an escape.
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