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DIY coffee roasting article in the LA Times.
Im reading Ainge is trying for Rondo/CP3 trade. Anyone in Boston can beat some sense in Ainge for me please. I don't understand this...
GuiltyBought Armani Cotton Sweatshirt back in college when I couldn't afford anything else in their shop.
That and Mariah Carey "all i want for christmas is you"Makes me want to punch someone listening to this song
Screen on my digital camera totally fucked. Software and actual camera functions still work but can't see a thing on the screen. This seems very trivial compared to the other posts here. Very sad news MrG.
The address listed for Raf Simons Osaka store is Herbis Plaza B1F 2-5-25 Umeda Kita-ku, Osaka If correct, I'll check and let you know. I pass by this area almost everyday.
Sooner the better.He might find a porno magazine and learn it by himself.
188cm.Most L sizes are made for people between 175-185cm (at least that's whats written on the tags).everything is just a bit short for me.
I live here and I like some of the stuff I see. But I'm taller than the average Japanese male. I can't find anything my size here.
Saturday Afternoon: Caught 3 middle school boys under my apartment's parking space. They had been burning dried twigs when the smoke alerted few of us in the building. After I got them, we called their school (they were wearing their school gym uniforms) and later the police too. Apparently the space under my apartment is being used as secret hideout for students from the near by schools. Since I was the one who caught the boys, I had to show and explain to one police...
New Posts  All Forums: