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Thanks for the advice. I will look into this.But I can't think any areas that I would be interested in doing volunteer work.
I didn't get the job. I applied for a position at DHL. Apparently they liked me as a person but they had doubts whether I could manage working in a large company. I currently work in a company with one other person, my boss. I got the feeling I had failed during the interview when they had asked about experiences related to group work. Oh well, one door shut, another one will open eventually
Jackhammering in the construction site outside my office all day. Enough already!
Interview tomorrow for Supply-chain management position. Any tips, suggestions on how to ace the interview?
My Dad used to have his Gin & Tonic with dash of bitters. Has anyone tried this?
Breakdown of Lin's game
They make good pewter products there. Might be able to see some of their craftsmen.
After reading the red wings thread, I started to look for red wings myself. One of the authorized resellers was really helpful. Living in Japan with size 11 feet, its not easy finding my shoe size. I asked if they carried large sizes and they were quick to let me try a pair. I declined because I was just looking and didn't want to waste their time digging out a pair for me to try on. However, they gave me their catalog to keep and said they can order whatever shoes I...
Stupid question but what kind of guy are you for asking for postman oxfords?I'm looking for a pair of shoes and like the postman oxfords but looking for something brown.Any shoes similar to the postman but in brown?
After following and reading about coffee, I've started to drink some coffee black. McD still requires cream and sugar though.
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