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reviving thread $15,000 for a bottle of olive oil.
Good weekend so far. Friday night. Got invited to a surprise birthday party, for my neighbor. The wife had organized it in a new bar I had wanted to check out. It was good fun, drank too much. Got myself a little drunk starting with beer, celebratory champagne, ending with a few stiff vodka tonics. (birthday boy's favorite drink) Went for lunch on today. Two women I had previously worked with. I had to pick the place and was worried that they might not like the place. But...
Its Gerald Green's 4th year in the league. I wonder if he would have been a lottery pick if he had stayed in school for 4 years instead of playing the D-league.
Whats Griffin pointing to after being blocked?
Thanks for the advice. I will look into this.But I can't think any areas that I would be interested in doing volunteer work.
I didn't get the job. I applied for a position at DHL. Apparently they liked me as a person but they had doubts whether I could manage working in a large company. I currently work in a company with one other person, my boss. I got the feeling I had failed during the interview when they had asked about experiences related to group work. Oh well, one door shut, another one will open eventually
Jackhammering in the construction site outside my office all day. Enough already!
Interview tomorrow for Supply-chain management position. Any tips, suggestions on how to ace the interview?
My Dad used to have his Gin & Tonic with dash of bitters. Has anyone tried this?
Breakdown of Lin's game http://youtu.be/LIbz2cdn6lk
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