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Gilroy 1/3 Gin (1 oz Beefeater) 1/3 Cherry Brandy (1 oz Cherry Heering) 1/6 Dry Vermouth (1/2 oz Noilly Prat) 1/6 Lemon Juice (1/2 oz) 1 dash Orange Bitters (Regan's) Recipe from cocktail virgin
You are right. No one will see my name on Youtube but its good to know that I worked on the set and my name is somewhere on the credits.Sorry, I was told no pics by my boss. Plus no hot babes, just kawaii girls.
I saw the Churchill in a cocktail recipe book my regular bar hangout had. Its becoming my alternate to the Martini, especially when I want something sweet.
Worked for 20 hours for shit pay but pretty stoked that my name will be in the credits for a music video I worked on. I was part of the lowest rung team setting up the rooms and the food/beverage, running around errands, but it was fun. I can't give out details yet as the music isn't out.
Did you take pictures of her taking pictures of a dead mouse?
Thought this might be appropriate for this thread. Looking Back to the 1800s for a Properly Bitter Cocktail By FLORENCE FABRICANT Published: March 20, 2012   In today’s ramped-up bar culture, the sweetness of Curaçao or Triple Sec, the orange liqueurs used in many classic cocktails, did not satisfy David Wondrich, the drinks historian and expert. So he worked with Alexandre Gabriel, the president of Cognac Ferrand in France, to develop a drier bitter orange...
reviving thread $15,000 for a bottle of olive oil.
Good weekend so far. Friday night. Got invited to a surprise birthday party, for my neighbor. The wife had organized it in a new bar I had wanted to check out. It was good fun, drank too much. Got myself a little drunk starting with beer, celebratory champagne, ending with a few stiff vodka tonics. (birthday boy's favorite drink) Went for lunch on today. Two women I had previously worked with. I had to pick the place and was worried that they might not like the place. But...
Its Gerald Green's 4th year in the league. I wonder if he would have been a lottery pick if he had stayed in school for 4 years instead of playing the D-league.
Whats Griffin pointing to after being blocked?
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