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Just rambling here but would it be possible to blend the different gins like a blended whiskey?I probably said something really stupid, if so just ignore it please.
People telling me I look good after following advice given from here, (thanks Pbooth) Mom liking the present I gave her for Mothers' Day.
On my way to Bangkok. Attending a family wedding. Stressful week just to get the right outfits so I don't get up and down eyeballed by every other relative. Is it just my community that does this, where they inspect you from head to toe and back to see whether you are wearing good enough clothes to attend the function but not good enough that you are stealing the limelight from the immediate family members. I just can't wait to get it over and done with. Thankfully, all...
Sorry, I wasn't clear in my first post.I thought of wearing a navy suit in the same style as the suit in the picture, with a lime green shirt and light blue shirt. My bags are packed already, I didn't want to unpack my suit just to take a picture.I'm attending a family wedding. I wanted to dress a little differently from everyone else. Maybe a lime green shirt is already different enough. But I did pack a white shirt just in case I wimp out.Thank you for your advice.
Im going to get ridiculed for being dressed by the internet but is this ok? First time wearing a pocket square. I'll be wearing a navy suit, with a lime green shirt and light blue necktie. The suit is the same style as in the picture. It was posted in the pocketsquare thread, if in doubt skip it, I really want to try wearing one.
I try to be.
Maybe wearing a pocket square will make me look like I'm trying to hard to look gentlemanly. I should give up before making a fool of myself.
Any shoes will do. You'll just need a little flubber rubbed on the sole of the shoe.
Im going to Bangkok end of this week. I really need some business shoes. Any recommendations for mid ranged shoes I can find in 30cm? Quick web search, I found Findig and Udom Agg in MBK and in Central World Plaza Ragazze and Geox. Anywhere else I should look?
Huh?When was this? Any articles about it?
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