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aking = westside?
few in High Street The whole Arab Street and the Textile Center on Jalan Sultan.
Who did you give your account to? My e-peen still tiny (grew a bit using MSPaint technology), and I don't know who the main characters are.
FTB2 (the tall guy in HongKong, not the importunator), You were the few on SUFU I liked. Your comments were meaningful and critical without being "tough guy" about fashion. Unlike others who seem to be interested on pissing on every other WAWYT that isn't SUFU approved. Im going to assume you aren't an investor in SUFU but I really didnt think it was for you to inject life in it. If you wanted intellectually stimulating discussions Im sure there are other sites you...
FTB... what did you say to get banned? The past few days you seem out of character. I haven't been on SUFU for very long and it could be you are just being yourself, but you seem full of rage.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Finally I ordered 2 sheets of shell cordovan from Japan. Made by Shinki-Hikaku Co. They will ship them to me this week, hope I will get them next week. I will compare it with the shell I ordered from Horween. It is very diffcult to order stuff from Japan. Hope that the leather is good. They are much much cheaper than Horween charge. Just googled the company. Live train a ride away from them... wow.....
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Still can't post, lame. Maybe I'm already banned again. What's your iD and why you did you get banned again?
I'm a wholesaler of Japanese textiles, including denims. ande is right, there are stores that carry denim here in Japan, but I do not know what oceans is looking for (i.e. weight, color, size...)
got PM but forgot to mention, I'm in Japan... you still interested or am I too far for you?
Quote: Originally Posted by oceans11 I'm still pretty new to the forum but need to ask a question in regards to getting my hands on raw selvage fabric (not already made jeans) just the raw fabric itself. Does anyone have any contacts or advise on how to obtain some yardage? What's the normal minimum buy in? Are there any US wholesalers/distributers who deal in Japanese Selvage? Any advise would be great! Thanks in advance I can get...
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