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French Fries and "organic" coffee from Freshness Burger. Went window shopping and needed a bite before I got home for dinner.
GrassHopper.. Finally found bars that had cream in their fridge. Many don't cause no one orders milk based cocktails. The two bars I had it, the cocktail was light green. It didnt have much of a chocolate taste to it. I should ask they use Dark instead of white. I had in mind it would taste like Andes Mint Chocolate, the chocolate-mint-chocolate version. However, I made the mistake of mixing it with a cigar. Stomach felt weird in the end. What do you recommend to...
sponsor my visa, and I'll fly over from Japan. Pleeeeeeeease
I had bought some nice leather shoes from India when I was visting few years ago. Came back and after a few wears, there was nice long tear on the side. Unrepairable, unwearable, I had to chuck them away. Costed me $$$ too. It was from "Metro" I'm wearing shoes now I bought from Bata in Singapore. Much happier.
Just say you are like Kane Kosugi Speaks Japanese with a THICK american accent.
By the time I got my bearings sorted out on sufu, westside was banned. Seemed like every bashing going on, westside was involved. Whats his history with sufu? He the disgruntled ex-employee wanting revenge against his ex-employer? And if you think answering this is a waste of time, please don't. The last thing I want to do is get my name on the "pain in the ass" list of sufu.
aking = westside?
few in High Street The whole Arab Street and the Textile Center on Jalan Sultan.
Who did you give your account to? My e-peen still tiny (grew a bit using MSPaint technology), and I don't know who the main characters are.
FTB2 (the tall guy in HongKong, not the importunator), You were the few on SUFU I liked. Your comments were meaningful and critical without being "tough guy" about fashion. Unlike others who seem to be interested on pissing on every other WAWYT that isn't SUFU approved. Im going to assume you aren't an investor in SUFU but I really didnt think it was for you to inject life in it. If you wanted intellectually stimulating discussions Im sure there are other sites you...
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