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Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas a shandy - lemonade plus Shiner Leight I thought shandy = Beer + 7-up (sprite) I might be confusing it something else...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan It's a very silly trend which will be ridiculed today and in the future. Hate it I don't like wearing cuffed pants, why would I want to wear high-waters..
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Cowboy down pahd-nah. I merely think a) the word "mocktail" is funny in and of itself and b) it was rather witty of you to bring them up. And I agree with you that if "a few cocktails" will get you drunk, better you don't drink in public. I thought you were making a mockery of the question I posed but good to know you laughing. Its just we arent built the same way. For one, one drink is enough to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Coffee. Let me drive to the bar, have a few cocktails and drive home drunk. I'll just say you found it funny to order mocktails in a bar and the cops will let me go free. There are people who choose not to drink for various reasons (religious, health, by choice...) and still want to go to a bar to enjoy the atmosphere (:smirk but its a waste just to go and have juice or a soda and pay x3 price....
does discussions on mocktails come in here? Nikko Tea with milk (Tea time here)
French Fries and "organic" coffee from Freshness Burger. Went window shopping and needed a bite before I got home for dinner.
GrassHopper.. Finally found bars that had cream in their fridge. Many don't cause no one orders milk based cocktails. The two bars I had it, the cocktail was light green. It didnt have much of a chocolate taste to it. I should ask they use Dark instead of white. I had in mind it would taste like Andes Mint Chocolate, the chocolate-mint-chocolate version. However, I made the mistake of mixing it with a cigar. Stomach felt weird in the end. What do you recommend to...
sponsor my visa, and I'll fly over from Japan. Pleeeeeeeease
I had bought some nice leather shoes from India when I was visting few years ago. Came back and after a few wears, there was nice long tear on the side. Unrepairable, unwearable, I had to chuck them away. Costed me $$$ too. It was from "Metro" I'm wearing shoes now I bought from Bata in Singapore. Much happier.
Just say you are like Kane Kosugi Speaks Japanese with a THICK american accent.
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