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I'm confused... are you starting your own label or just a few shirts you design for yourself?
Fromhttp://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/379f2f20-6...nclick_check=1 Brightening up your wardrobe ● Don’t try too hard. Against mainly neutral pieces (such as a black, grey or blue suit), pick just one item that adds the colour, like a shirt or tie. ● Remember that any use of colour almost always looks good alongside something white, whether that’s a formal shirt or a T-shirt. ● Go for a gentle introduction of colour, with a subtle coloured stripe, a bright...
10. Man boobs are our kryptonite, and we have to fight back. They're an immediate turnoff to women, even though most don't mind a plump guy. Attack the problem head-on: Go to the gym, and wear clothes that don't cling to your body. We have Phil Mickelson to thank for officially raising this to a national emergency. We're at Defcon 1 Some call Simon 10 is about him
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog Does anyone have any recommendations as to an affordable place to try Kobe or Wagyu beef? I have heard of places that end up costing up to 200 USD for a meal. I'd be interested in something in the $50 range. I saw a favorable blurb about Satou Steakhouse in Kichijoji. Any others? Quote: Originally Posted by overdog ^ Thanks for the tip. I agree. When on vacation, traveling further to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman My signature drink, the White Martini. With Chopin because my bottle of Junipero is dry.... what is a White Martini?
free t-shirt, shorts, sneakers. I go to the gym regularly. There is a guy who wears Italian Soccer uniform sleeveless t-shirt, shorts, ankle high socks with black adidas. He lifts the heaviest weights once, acts all tough, grunts a little, and when finished stands in front the mirror, posing, checking out his non-existent muscles in his arms. Don't be like him.
yesterday night 1. glass of house wine with dinner Went to bar and had 2. Bowmore on the rocks 3. Jameson on the rock Friends called and met up at another bar/restaurant and had 4. split a bottle of New Zealand Cloudy Bay White Wine (his choice not mine)
Quote: Originally Posted by konocha Laphroaig Had some yesterday too, on the rocks. Bartender was nice to explain the smoky smell I was getting was peat. Laphroaig has the strongest (correct terminology?) peat smell of all whiskeys. He had 3 different bottles, 10 year cask strength, 10 year, and the quarter casket Laphroaig and gave me small shot samples of the other 2 for taste comparisons. I felt like a refined man drinking Laphroaig,...
Quote: Originally Posted by G18C I'm curious too. But how do you know that their "Italian cotton" are Chinese made? are you sure its Made In Italy or Made AS Italy I've seen Korean fabrics write "Made AS Japan" on the fabric bolts. Its almost like they were "inspired" by Japanese fabrics and decided to honor the originals by writing "MADE AS JAPAN" on the bolts.
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