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Have you had the Double Black or Platinum Label?
[start rant] How the fuck am I supposed to remember every fucking detail while you bark a different set of orders? I have to listen to you and your instructions while I have to be ready for the producer to shout out his. I can't be at two places at the same time while I'm expected to be three steps ahead of everyone. And that little bitch that supposed to be running around for the producer, he is creepy. He somehow thinks being the producer's "assistant" gives him the...
Rum based cocktail. Adieu
I forget what it was called but I think there is a cocktail that uses replaces the gin for rum in a White Lady.
The lady in the apartment across the street left her lace curtains open while she undress. I thought she was just getting ready for bed but it seemed she was trying on outfits. Try one, look in the mirror, walk out of the room, check with presumably her husband, come back strip, and repeat. She did this for 3 different outfits, (I liked the black, knee length dress with while cardigan) and walked out again. She walked out of the room in her panties only leaving her lights...
Guinness from tap.
Never been much of a beer drinker but had some good beers from local microbreweries. There were 17 companies, about 60 different beers offered. Had 6 beers, of which 4 were good.
This one shows DWade curling back to Spoelstra. Footage doesn't show what provoked DWade to get into Spoelstra's face though.
Just rambling here but would it be possible to blend the different gins like a blended whiskey?I probably said something really stupid, if so just ignore it please.
People telling me I look good after following advice given from here, (thanks Pbooth) Mom liking the present I gave her for Mothers' Day.
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