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Finally got new glasses. Plastic to Metal frames.
My laptop screen won't turn on. It would flicker just a bit just to show its on, showing the Windows logo but the screen would go black. I can hear the hard disk spinning so I know everything else works. I asked a friend if he had a spare monitor I can borrow till my laptop stops working which he has but hasn't let me know when I can borrow it. I can get it repaired but I can pay a little extra and buy a second hand laptop newer than the one I have. Just as I thought I can...
crochet knitting or single point?not gay but attempted to learn crochet knitting. My eyes were telling me that surfing the net wasn't a hobby.
Welcome to Japan. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
... didnt read the end of thread before posting.
I hope he is too. He still has 2 weeks of his trip left before he flies out.
Dad called last night to say he's been pickpocketed and wanted me to cancel his credit cards. It just 24 hours since he landed in New Delhi when called saying he had pickpocketed. He had called from the police station, and when I called the hotel, he was not back yet. I called earlier this morning but he had already checked out, on his way to his pilgrimage. I know he's safe and he has emergency cash to manage the rest of his trip but Im just a little worried.
Have you had the Double Black or Platinum Label?
[start rant] How the fuck am I supposed to remember every fucking detail while you bark a different set of orders? I have to listen to you and your instructions while I have to be ready for the producer to shout out his. I can't be at two places at the same time while I'm expected to be three steps ahead of everyone. And that little bitch that supposed to be running around for the producer, he is creepy. He somehow thinks being the producer's "assistant" gives him the...
Rum based cocktail. Adieu
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