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Sorry, shitty pictures, taken with iphone. With all the discussions about British and Italian fabrics, I'm little embarrassed to put these up. These are from Japanese mills and printers. We buy stock fabrics and sell them to our customers. Small fabric lengths our customers don't want is sent to our office. If like any we can take it, if not after a while it gets donated. Kept this aside but not sure if I will do anything with it. The prints I was thinking of giving...
Sounds like me.I'm 6 feet living in Japan. During rainy season I'm constantly being poked by umbrella carried by short people.
I thought I was going to be in the middle of a heated discussion between merchandiser and factory but meeting ended up as very positive interaction. Much was accomplished, and both sides were very happy.
FUCK. A client is having serious internal communication problems between the merchandisers and designers. I'm supposed to follow their orders but clients' lack of direction, constant changes is causing the factory is major headache. The client is now expecting us to do 2 months of work in 3 weeks and still maintain delivery date. My boss doesn't know a thing about the situation thinks he can email the VP explaining the situation in a calm manner, while I who had been...
Got a year end bonus. Bought myself a new digital camera as a present to myself. Nikon 1 V2 with the double lens kit.
I didn't order the wine, it was more like "they have Chablis? yeah! lets order Chablis...mmm... Chablis is the best"I really don't know wines too confusing for me.
Dinner with clients and they ordered wine. Given the choice of Chardonnay and Chablis they went from the Chablis. Im not much of a wine drinker but it tasted more like sugar water than wine. Lucky me, my boss had his car and gave me a ride home instead of taking the train. He drank too but called for a substitute driver to drive his car back. Went straight to bed (big mistake) and woke up with a hangover. Food was good though but the company sucked. It was meant to be a...
Afternoon Delight: U Sad Bro
New job. I got recruited but was my uncle asking me to help him. Same industry but different area so its a new challenge. Trial period of 6 months to see if the arrangement works out for both of us.
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