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Still deciding whether to get this. Any opinions?
Giving Bombay Sapphire East as a gift. Any opinions?
Glad that Im not the only one.I travel with my boss for business. We take the night flights so we work during the day and leave straight to the airport.All day all I can think about is getting on the flight as soon as possible while my boss is very last minute. The irritation of my boss not ready to leave on timeand the anticipation causes my stomach to knot up.
Sorry, shitty pictures, taken with iphone. With all the discussions about British and Italian fabrics, I'm little embarrassed to put these up. These are from Japanese mills and printers. We buy stock fabrics and sell them to our customers. Small fabric lengths our customers don't want is sent to our office. If like any we can take it, if not after a while it gets donated. Kept this aside but not sure if I will do anything with it. The prints I was thinking of giving...
Sounds like me.I'm 6 feet living in Japan. During rainy season I'm constantly being poked by umbrella carried by short people.
I thought I was going to be in the middle of a heated discussion between merchandiser and factory but meeting ended up as very positive interaction. Much was accomplished, and both sides were very happy.
FUCK. A client is having serious internal communication problems between the merchandisers and designers. I'm supposed to follow their orders but clients' lack of direction, constant changes is causing the factory is major headache. The client is now expecting us to do 2 months of work in 3 weeks and still maintain delivery date. My boss doesn't know a thing about the situation thinks he can email the VP explaining the situation in a calm manner, while I who had been...
Got a year end bonus. Bought myself a new digital camera as a present to myself. Nikon 1 V2 with the double lens kit.
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