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Asiana Airlines wins Best Airline Asia award at 2010 World Airline Awards
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejake No shopping. I just want to have some fun and sip some young coconut juice on the beach... would also be tempting to visit ancient ruins too. Any recommendations for packings for a 2 week trip would be helpful too. Bali has both beaches and ancient temples. But by the 3rd day you might get bored mindless. Thailand/Malaysia/Bali.
Anyone taking bets on how long Mike Brown will last as Lakers coach? (Rudy Tomjanovich)
Any purpose for during your trip in Asia? Do you want to be shopping or sipping young coconut juice on the beach or visiting ancient ruins of long passed dynasty?
why does Bosh face the press alone at the post game press conference while Wade and James are together? I thought they were the big 3, not big 2 + 1?
Gibson over DWade.. Wow... but give credit to Wade for attempting to block the dunk. What would LBJ have done in DWade's position? I think we've seen Bosh getting dunked on enough times to know what he would have done.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Not sure who is saying Dallas is a young team: Starters: Kidd--38 (16 seasons) Stevenson--30 (10 seasons) Marion--33 (11 seasons) Chandler--28 (9 seasons) Nowitzki--32 (12 seasons) Key Bench: Terry--33 (11 seasons) Stojakovic--33 (12 seasons) Haywood--31 (9 seasons) Barea--26 (4 seasons) As you can see, the only Chandler and Barea are under 30. This is a veteran team for sure. I don't know if...
Watching snippets of NBA analysis, everyone seems to include Mavericks as a young team along with the Thunder, Grizzlies and Nuggets. I never considered the Mavs as a young team, especially with Kidd as PG. With the other younger teams coming up and Lakers possibly blowing up to become younger, is it championship-or-bust for the Dallas Mavericks? Your thoughts and opinions please. Thanks
Does anyone use Google Checkout? With all the issues people are having with ebay/paypal, can google offer better services for both sellers and buyers?
ADHD. I can't sit and write my cover letter without my mind wandering off elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: