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Gordon's Gin? Is it a gin worthy to give as a gift?
Savoring Rum, Fresh From the Cane NY Times article on Rhums..
How long will Mike Brown last as Lakers coach? 1. Till contract expires 2. 1st full season and quits because burnt out 3. Kobe led mutiny in the locker room get Mike Brown fired before ASG, and Shaw takes rightful position coach.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Good luck, Cord!!! Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter is this part of the commerial attaches office at the US embassy in Tokyo? good luck Thank you. Not US, Indian Consulate General's office. I must have said something right and translated well enough to get a call back few hours later. Round 2, Monday 2pm.
Job interview tomorrow. Its been too long since I had one and I don't know what to expect. Being interviewed for marketing position at the Consulate General's office.
Reading about Lebron's performance, would he have been a different player if he had gone to college instead of jumping into the NBA straight from high school? Would Lebron be a better player if he had face college level competition and practice, improved coaching from high school?
Any recommendations for a budget hotel around Shinjuku area? Toyoko-inn is offering y6,510 for one night at its Kabuki-cho hotel. Any hotels around this price range in the Shinjuku area?
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI Wondering why amidst all the celebs/players/former players you see at the finals, MJ is never present. Its like he wants nothing to do with the basketball world any longer. He the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.
interviewing for positions soon after college, I was asked what my salary requirements were. My answer was I'm not in a position to ask for a salary. I didn't get the position but later I asked friends and their response was to ask the average starting salary for a fresh graduate for the industry (small consulting co). Maybe I was being tested to see if I did my homework about the consulting industry.
7 years since leaving DC for Japan, and I still miss chipotle. So much, I even emailed them asking when they would be opening their store here.
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