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Would the wool content make it a shirt for the cooler months?
Japanese friend asked me this question and I had no answers. Why are wifebeaters called wifebeaters in America? I know they are called runnings (in japan), tank top and singlet in other parts of the world. Anyone?
old college friend got his cocktail reviewed on cocktailvirgin. I don't remember him drinking much alcohol let alone making cocktails when I knew him back in uni.
On my home, I get a phone call from the consulate general's office. They were calling to tell me that the embassy in Tokyo had sent resumes that they should look at for the position the CG had just filled (ME!). The deputy consulate had called to say they were going to have interviews this Friday and Monday next week for the additional candidates they received from the embassy. I asked what I should do and was told I should resume job hunting....
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas would be better to have gotten into a position over her. She was all tits, ugly face. I would have trouble finding a paper bag to fit over head first though. Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Great news, Cord! Congratulations! Thank you.
*edit* In little over 24 hours, job offer was rescinded.
went for interview last week. I was told I would here from them within a few days but still no call. Now I'm wondering if giving a sealed letter of recommendation from 7 years ago without checking what was inside was not good idea.
Gordon's Gin? Is it a gin worthy to give as a gift?
Savoring Rum, Fresh From the Cane NY Times article on Rhums..
How long will Mike Brown last as Lakers coach? 1. Till contract expires 2. 1st full season and quits because burnt out 3. Kobe led mutiny in the locker room get Mike Brown fired before ASG, and Shaw takes rightful position coach.
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