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There is Google Checkout.
truffle omelette?
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa oh...i'll be doing my own tonight. once this place clears out, i'm going through some garbage cans. whoever the perp is better PRAY they disposed of the evidence outside of their workspace. Can you use a syringe to get some laxatives in your drink without your thief noticing the tampering?
i got new shoes, Merrell Hiking shoes! Got at a shoe shop in Tokyo that carry only big sizes (28cm up, I wear 31cm). I was so happy they had my size I was almost in tears. I know I know, Im overreacting but Im just really thrilled to get my size, in Japan.
Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube A 12-inch "mortar" firework will blow a hole in steel plate. A 10-inch shell puts a basketball-sized dent in the steel. This, apparently, was at least a 4-inch and possibly a 6-inch shell, both illegal for the general public. An eyewitness said he ran over to the dude after it happened to attempt to aid him, but found nothing above the shoulders. Post news link if available please.
Pacers agree to deal with Vogel Quote: Vogel, 38, is the league’s youngest head coach. The Pacers plan to hire former Los Angeles Lakers assistant Brian Shaw to be the lead assistant on Vogel’s staff. If Shaw does decide to work with Vogel, would that close the door to him returning to Lakers to be head coach after Brown?
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town generally speaking, you don't see non-shady people wearing these as their out-in-public shirt. on another note, i've never really seen the benefit to wearing a sleeveless undershirt. i wear undershirts to provide a buffer between my deodorant and my shirts. is it just to keep the nips from showing through thinner shirts??? I grew up wearing sleeveless but switched to t-shirts when in middle school a guy...
Would the wool content make it a shirt for the cooler months?
Japanese friend asked me this question and I had no answers. Why are wifebeaters called wifebeaters in America? I know they are called runnings (in japan), tank top and singlet in other parts of the world. Anyone?
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