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I was told that some Wharton ungdergrads wore suits to class. Perhaps this is what Summers was referring to.
Thank you for this. Much appreciated it
Didn't have copy of my resume on me. Plus I printed the cover letter on heavy resume paper instead of the normal white paper, which I didn't have either.Oh well... I did send it out today.
I was planning to send my resume from work today but forgot to it print it out. I was focusing on getting my cover letter right and writing my Japanese resume it skipped my mind. I wanted to go hiking tomorrow but now I'll have to print my resume out and make my way to the big office tomorrow to send it out.
Is he an expat sent from your office or a local person?If latter, whats a Middle East person eating a hotdog in the first place? (I am assuming he is a Muslim and the hotdog is pork not beef)
There is Google Checkout.
truffle omelette?
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa oh...i'll be doing my own tonight. once this place clears out, i'm going through some garbage cans. whoever the perp is better PRAY they disposed of the evidence outside of their workspace. Can you use a syringe to get some laxatives in your drink without your thief noticing the tampering?
i got new shoes, Merrell Hiking shoes! Got at a shoe shop in Tokyo that carry only big sizes (28cm up, I wear 31cm). I was so happy they had my size I was almost in tears. I know I know, Im overreacting but Im just really thrilled to get my size, in Japan.
Thank you.
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