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Thank you.
Any recommendations for tailors in HK? I get excess fabric from work but I don't want to take them to my regular tailor. He's getting old and whatever I wants can't be done, or will look ugly. Thank you.
Time and effort went into developing samples according to client's specs but to have them dropped without any reason or attempts to improve designs is frustrating. But in reading past emails, I'm starting to think there was no intentions in the beginning, just wanted samples and fabric details to imitate in clients other China factories. This sucks
Next time say yes please, turn and continue to piss on him.
No, just denim.
Style is how you define yourself. Fashion is how everyone defines you.My style is boring. Normal shirt and slacks but it is me. I have seen people who are trying to be fashionable but have no style because they are just wearing whatsome men's magazine said was in fashion.Just my opinion.
Got my summer bonus. Time to go shopping but can't think of anything to buy.
FUCK. Business trip tomorrow and I forgot my files at work. Stupid me for agreeing to go on a Saturday, when our work week is Monday to Friday.
My mom brother passed away. He was having liver problems for a few years now. Just few days ago we got news that we was taken to the hospital because his face and nails were slightly yellow. Mom spoke to him and although his speech was slurring he was saying he is getting better and will be out in a few days. Monday morning he took the turn for the worst and never came back.
There is the dry comfort and dry light weight jacket. Maybe that the one you tried out?
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