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Hamilton, the King Auto.Got it while on transit at Changi Airport.
Finally buying myself a big boy's watch.
Got my hands on Tito's Vodka while on transit at Singapore Airport. Silly question but any suggestions on how to have it?
with all the fun you are having in Tokyo, I'm guessing no time for Kyoto, Osaka or Okayama?
What type of gin did you use?
start of year end holidays. Work restarts on 5th.
Year End bonus!
Firefox majority of the time. Chrome when printing out FedEx, DHL airway bills only.
Out of curiosity, what the sizes for the socks in the US stores? The largest Japan stores carry are 25-27cm. My feet are 30cm and even if the socks stretch, the toes stretch out too thin. Worn a few times, holes are made.
Just wanted to share my half drunk coffee.
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