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start of year end holidays. Work restarts on 5th.
Year End bonus!
Firefox majority of the time. Chrome when printing out FedEx, DHL airway bills only.
Out of curiosity, what the sizes for the socks in the US stores? The largest Japan stores carry are 25-27cm. My feet are 30cm and even if the socks stretch, the toes stretch out too thin. Worn a few times, holes are made.
Just wanted to share my half drunk coffee.
Thank you.
Any recommendations for tailors in HK? I get excess fabric from work but I don't want to take them to my regular tailor. He's getting old and whatever I wants can't be done, or will look ugly. Thank you.
Time and effort went into developing samples according to client's specs but to have them dropped without any reason or attempts to improve designs is frustrating. But in reading past emails, I'm starting to think there was no intentions in the beginning, just wanted samples and fabric details to imitate in clients other China factories. This sucks
Next time say yes please, turn and continue to piss on him.
No, just denim.
New Posts  All Forums: