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I too am calling BS, and also taking this chance to remind everyone to check out his youtube dance videos.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahk1979 i have a pair of savants in whiskey that i have worn once. what size are you? 9.5 in vans or sperrys I dont know generic man sizing LETS SEE SOME PIX MISTER
not sneakers, but i really want to pick up some generic man savants in whisky... and the chukkas are nice
Since we're on the topic of Alternative apparel I was wondering if anyone had a similar fit experience... I tried on a size small blank t, and the neck hole dipped low in the front and was loose and not flattering, the fit was boxy, shoulders fit too small and it tented horribly in the back. (fit me like uniqlo t's basically) Dont get me wrong, American apparel t's can suck it too but my experience with alt. was god-awful the first time around... thoughts?
the are so much ugly
yeah because alt. apparel SUCKS where at in CA. thought... I'll still pick some up at that price haha
wmmk^ IMO bowties +thrifted heavy framed glasses look too costumey, I think the look would really benefit from a nice tie rather than dealing with the 'forced chic' that a highschooler in a bowtie incurs, I like the blazer+shirt combo however
Price drop: $190 help a brotha out
The only time I ever tried on an alt. apparel tee, it fit horribly, AA is really inconsistent with fits but I still wear aa when I wear tees
vashin lookin dominant
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