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Isn't this more work for moderators? How would it affect members? As a member, It seems like a great option. What do I have to lose? You're asking if we're okay with spam being excluded. Who would object? As a moderator, one one have to do a lot more reading, it would seem.
I'm not in the 2k, but the OP is =)
Thank you for the quick replies! A few things - I don't wear suits very often. Somewhere around five to ten times a year, currently. Also, the main reason I was asking is because the lady who showing us around had mentioned that during first week of July in Tokyo there are a lot of sales. Finally, I'm don't have my heart set on this. If you recommend I hold off and shop elsewhere, I'll gladly do so. Also, I'll check out the Wizard of Aahs.
Thank you for the thread and the replies as I am in similar position! I am also going to be in Tokyo (in 10 days) and I could use a couple of suits. The main difference is that I'm only going to be there for 5 days and my budget is around $750. I'm not looking for high end. Just something that doesn't make me look like a slob. I definitely need a charcoal grey suit. My ideal scenario would be to get two suits and an odd jacket (to last me around 5 years). I...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Need is not a viable concept to debate on Style Forum.. Like FNB says, there are many variables. It would be best for these to be quantified before proceeding. Debate could be avoided if one knew the parameters to begin with.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 I agree with this smiley.
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