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Quote: Originally Posted by heavyd Does anyone have any experience with these. Seems like a J. Crew style licensing deal. Loro Piana Esquivel i guess this is a no.
Does anyone have any experience with these. Seems like a J. Crew style licensing deal. Loro Piana Esquivel
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett I love this shoe so much. Can anyone help me find it? Is it just discontinued or very hard to find? Does C&J make this shoe under their own label? I own them. bluefly circa 2003 ~$150. they are still the greatest shoes i own. resoled with leather.
Tom Ford is very fashion forward stuff... If I were going bespoke at $8,000 i'd go with a more traditional style that would stand the test of time.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent I hate to be a jackass, but I posted the 10/15 and I was totally being sarcastic. dude, you're like the guy from the washington post with the fake sports tweet. bad form.
Quote: Originally Posted by djohns7275 ralph lauren purple label shoes as everyone knows are made by edward the past they always priced them about £50 more than the equivalent model that you could buy from edward green .but ralph gave you a pair of shoe trees as well so the priceing was ok .but now all thats changed.the price he wants is wait for it ,your not going to believe this £1100 .thats right edward green are currently selling in the...
I saw a post some days back that PL is coming back to on 10/15? Is this a function of the economy? What is the strategy behind this decision? The site sure has been weak without the PL line. Any updates appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba 5 suits 4 sportcoats 35 shirts 2 braces 23 ties 10 1/2pr pants 4pr shoes Polo, black and purple combined. Italy for most of everything except shorts and shirts, but I always buy the shirts that are more than $125 Was a great book. Can't say the same for the film.
Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn A knock-off of what? P P P P rada
Quote: Originally Posted by highendstyle Yeah, you're going to have a tough time getting discounts on Purple Label since it's transforming into a Made-To-Measure super high end line. They always had this angle. Also a great deal of RTW made by the big names exclusively for them. I have cashmere, pants, socks, shoes, shirts, polos, various pieces, outerwear... all end of season past...
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