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One of the reasons I don't like wearing a suit is because when I wear a suit and tie, I don't like the restrictive feeling of the tie and buttoned-up collar around my neck. When getting fitted for a suit, what if I ask the clerk/tailor to purposefully fit me a shirt that is 2 neck sizes bigger? Would this look weird when wearing the suit in public, or would it be barely noticeable? thanks!
I'm thinking of asking the barber for a "spike" haircut, medium length on top. However, since I have a regular 9-5 office-type job, I won't be putting gel in it all the time. When the hair is dry and combed to the side in a conservative manner, will the hair still retain it's "spikyness", or will it just look like regular combed hair?
Do you usually go out both nights? Me: usually go out on Friday nights, and stay in & relax/watch TV on Saturday nights.
An Apple MacBook, hands down. I wouldn't wish a Wind0ze PC on my worst enemy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyoung05 First you ask about ordering amaretto on the rocks and now wine in an old-fashioned glass? Do you actually like drinking or are you looking to just looking to fit in? Learn to like beer and whiskey, neat (rocks if you must), and you won't have to keep asking us questions regarding whether your choice of drink is strange/ridiculous/etc. I live in Germany. I love beer. Always have drank beer. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire What's really strange is a guy that joins the board in 08, says nothing for three years, then starts two odd drinking threads in a week. Lots of stuff has happened in my life. Graduated college, got a good career, relocated overseas. Yeah, i don't post here often at all. I post here mainly to ask highly obscure questions (mainly to do with dining and drink) that I would not ask a bartender in real life....
Do you think it's strange to order wine at a bar/club (mainly, a generic, cheap red wine), and asking for it in a standard glass (like in a rocks glass)? Am I the only one who likes wine, but hates those wine glasses?
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS too sweet for me, but try a blended scotch witha splash of amaretto on the rocks. really good stuff...if i recall its called a Godfather. . Holy shit! YES! That sounds perfect. I'm going to order one next time I go out. Thanks.
I'm trying not to drink beer when I go out for happy hours, and trying to look for something "on the rocks" (that contains alcohol) that goes down smooth. I also like White Russians, Black Russians. But how about ordering Amaretto on the rocks? Is this weird? I dunno, is Amaretto only meant to be mixed with something?
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Gin Alexander. Awesomeness. Search for it here. Gin, creme de cacao, and heavy cream. Yeah, Gin Alexander does sound pretty good. Do you think most bartenders would know how to make one if I asked for it?
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