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Here's a decent one for under a hundred bucks: http://www.joessports.com/product/in...ductId=2962153
One of the big Plaintiff PI guys around here (50-something white guy) dresses like Deion Sanders. I've seen him in green suits, electric blue suits, four button suits, lots of contrasting cuffs/collars, etc. He looks like a clown, but he's super successful.
Washing your hair strips away the natural oils and can make it frizzy and dry, which sounds like what you're describing. You can minimize this by not washing your hair every day, using better shampoo/conditioner when you do (ditch the 2-in-1 crap) and find some product that works for you and apply it after you wash your hair while it's still damp.
Non-paying bidder. Leave negative feedback and move on.
Wondering what you all think of this paradoxically named collection, for example: http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...2&&imageType=2 Would you wear these with a navy suit to the office?
I wear a suit during dinner sometimes, but only if I'm still wearing it when I get home from work and dinner is already on the table. Of course, my tie is loosened and my jacket is off. Times have changed. Watch I Love Lucy and you see Ricky wearing a smoking jacket around the house. Guys used to wear a suit to a baseball game, or on a plane flight. Those days are over.
What's the event? For a night time indoor type gathering I wouldn't say that a blue suit with a pink shirt is boring. In fact, it strikes me as more of a daytime ensemble. If appropriate for the "semi-formal" event maybe you can wear the suit without a tie, and add a pocket square with some color.
I'm with englanderj that you should lose the button-down collar. Also, I don't love the blue shirt with the charcoal suit, the suit is just too dark and heavy. I think that shirt and tie might work better with a lighter colored summer suit, maybe in cream or bone. If you must go with that suit and tie I would wear a white shirt.
New Posts  All Forums: