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Anyone ever heard of the "Arch Street" last? I just picked up a pair of NOS tan wingtips on the Arch Street last, both because they looked good AND out of curiosity, as I've never heard of that last. Google searches don't yield much info.
Same experience here. I just interviewed a batch of candidates for a junior associate position, and most of them who were under 30 were poorly turned out. The suit-with-no-tie look was popular, as was slacks with a dark shirt and dark tie (sans jacket). My guess is that their fathers (hippie boomers) walked around wearing sandals and flowy tunics during their formative years, and never taught their sons how to dress properly. Those same hippie boomers are now aged...
First of all, a good oil-free moisturizer with SPF is a must for everyone. Kiehl's Facial Fuel is the best I've found. As for shiny skin, it's pretty hard to manage with product, in my experience. I've tried a few anti-shine lotions but none of them work that well. There are some alcohol-free toners that claim to reduce excess oiliness with consistent use, but I can't be bothered to break out a cotton ball and apply that stuff twice a day forever. The best...
I admire you for taking the initiative to dress better at work even where it isn't required. As my dad always told me, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." That being said, if we're nitpicking the outfit you posted (which is the raison d'être of this board) I'll say your trousers are too baggy and your shirt sleeves are too long. Also, I don't really like sweater vests, but that's just personal preference.
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh usually people wear their dry jeans for 6 months until their first wash I get that. I don't get how a jean can be described as "clean" after 60 consecutive wearings without so much as a soak.
"Worn for 2 months daily. Clean. Never washed or soaked." I don't get how this is even possible.
What's everyone's opinion of black shell cordovan? I'm looking at wingtip high boots or possibly Indy boots in black, and I'm between calfskin and shell. I have the shell chukkas in #8 and I like how the shell creases, but I'm not sure this will look right on wingtip boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by cungfoo Go to Spatola on Sunflower behind the South Coast Plaza. He does great work. I had a few suits jackets take in and pants recut there with excellent results. Last time I had him take out pleats in my suit pants and narrow them for $55. Jackets work is around $35. Yeah Benny is good. He's pricier than most but the work is top notch. And yes, he's a perv.
Tap it on the edge of the sink.
Totally ubiquitous in Southern Cal, especially OC. I went to a nighttime wedding last Fall at a restaurant in Laguna Beach and one of the guests wore a short sleeve Tommy Bahama-type shirt, chinos and flip-flops. Nobody batted an eyelash.
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