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Brand new Epaulet Smith Jean in Washed Navy Duck Canvas - Size 33. Brand new, never worn, with tags attached. $75 shipped. Rolled the dice on these when I saw them on sale, but they don't fit me. Pics and description:
In my opinion, some shoes/boots look better worn in, others don't. Chromexcel looks better with some wear. So does #8 as it fades. But my black captoes look best in pristine condition. Cigar Indy today:
I had a couple of MTM shirts made and the fabric pulls around the collar/upper chest. What adjustments should I make to avoid this in the future? If I pull the front of the shirt down it 's less noticeable, but I want it gone altogether.
What's the phone call run . . . a couple of bucks?You're trying to get on the list for $700 boots my man.
A couple of additional Online Purchasing Options:Frans Boone Store Bureau of Carmel Gilbert
They just got a re-stock of Ravello wingtip boots too.
Alden SF had some when I stopped in a couple of months ago.
Just posted a pair of Ravello shell boots in 9D on B&S in case anyone's interested.
Regretfully selling my Alden x Frans Boone Ravello Shell boots. Frans describes these as "navy blucher high boots," but they're basically Indys on the Plaza last. I bought them a half size too small, and after a few months of trying to make them work I'm finally giving up. These boots are size 9D on the Plaza last, with antique edge trim, 360 degree welt and commando sole. They came with speed hooks, but I had Alden convert them to all-eyelets after the speed hooks...
Here's the ravello (bad pic sorry):
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