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more price drops!
major price drops
here you go man.. http://store.julianred.com/hoboken-no-wash depending on your size, you can go down 1 in these as they run slightly bigger (plus they'll stretch and have stretch)
raf by raf sneakers size EU 41 / US 8 worn twice http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/9658/raf2lx9.jpg http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/8503/raf3bb5.jpg http://img391.imageshack.us/img391/7755/rafboxuu4.jpg $100 shipped raf by raf wool coat (interest check) size small / grey As seen at Tres Bien and...
Not to hijack, but I'm in a similar situation. I've recently come to the Netherlands to study (euro) and am sustaining on my saved US dollars back home. Also wondering if I should continue to withdraw as needed, or pull out a massive amount (when is the question). Dollar was at almost under 1.4 for a bit, but now back to 1.43. Where's it headed next?
sweet jacka
thank you. i havent laughed this hard in a while
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Bumble and Bumble grooming creme is good also. yeah I use this as well
I like to go to the mall, but not for the shopping. Just get some coffee and wander around for a couple of hours and people watch. That's what I do.
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