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requiem for a dream the departed in bruges
further price drop. worn with insole, so original footbed is quite fresh!
price dropped
Nothing gold can stay. - Robert Frost
price lowered
HARE M65 Spring/Summer Black, Medium (smallest, fits as xs or s) Worn, but still in great condition. One base snap came out but is still connected to the other side in the placket. Should be easily fixed by a tailor and doesnt affect the functionality of the jacket and is hidden anyway. Shoulders 16.75 / Chest 18.25 / Length 26.50 $120 shipped
Black, size 40 Still in great condition, light wear on soles. Worn a few more times since these photos, will get updated pictures soon. 155 shipped
HI Excel HaX0rz, I have two questions regarding calendar templates. #1 I need dates in a calendar to be automatically generated in response to entries. Everytime I have a product/event launching on X date, I would like a cell 2 weeks prior to be filled in declaring a deadline. Example: Event A is happening on May 25th, so the band has to be booked by May 11th. Right now I have: =IF(J23>"","Book Band","") This would be filled in on a date 2 weeks prior to...
always a tough one. if you can deal with it id go with the smaller size. i hate the feeling of wearing shoes that are a bit too big and sloppy. otherwise, just accept the fact that these don't fit you and find something that does.
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