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took $20 off the vibskov jacket! priced dropped on the pants as well
only vibskov jacket/pants and cm pants remain. prices now in USD and lowered
sold remaining cdg hm shirts, raf sweat, vibskov shorts + price drops on the rest only a few things left- open to offers on the rest
more stuff sold, price drops on the rest
Thank you. Vibskov cardigan now sold!
raf sweatshirt up!
2 cdg x hm shirts sold!
RAF BY RAF SIMONS RAF Sweatshirt (S) Black crewneck with print, no signs of wear. sold 2
CHEAP MONDAY Jogging pants (XS) fit XS - S Cotton / stretch acid wash pants with drawstring waist and elastic hems. $20 2
CDG x HM CDG X HM Blue shirt (XS) Blue shirt with multi-colored panels on body/arm/cuff. XS only sold in Japan. sold 2 3 CDG X HM turquoise shirt (S) Cotton shirt, typical comme fit. sold 2 CDG X HM Navy shirt (S) Shirt with abstract print on front. Never worn. sold 2 3 CDG X HM stripe shirt (S) Blue and white striped shirt with zigzag front placket. sold http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_lpFvUD9O3h.../cdg+hm+04.jpg
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