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Well now that it's summer in Wisconsin, I have this question. Upstairs in my bedroom it has been soo humid. My basement is half finished, nice and cool, but slightly musty (plus there are the occasional bugs down here). Anyway, which would be the safer place for my jeans and t-shirts?
these do not run a size and a half big, the waist measures 26.5" the cali-x do not come in set inseams. the size on the tag is simply "27" all cali-x come in 1 inseam. I can get a picture of the tag later today if you're still interested. Ott, I also PMd you
still have them $120 shipped!
yeah they look really nice, how is the sizing compared to chucks? I see just got these in.
Quote: Originally Posted by tommib My new skinny jeans, Levi's Blue 5005. They're nice, but the weft is a bit odd, its brown instead of white. how do you like those fred perrys?
I think they look great stacked. Give it some time and I think you'll really start to like the look
I'd be interested to see what you have. Same prices on these?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy On the other hand, super tight jeans decrease your sperm count, so that is more whack than gangbanger loose jeans. All IMO, of course. YEah cause high sperm count is where its at!
here's a question, how often do you guys wash your tshirts? I mean just every-day wear on tshirts, not working out or anything.
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